New Beautiful Island: Pingtan Island


2020-11-24 16:06:43


Many people will think of Zhoushan Islands, Gulangyu Island... But Pingtan in the Taiwan Strait, it seems less to be noticed. This island harbors many amazing sights!

By the end of 2020, China's most beautiful maritime high-speed railway, the Fuping High-speed railway, will be officially opened to traffic. This means that we can take a high-speed train across the ocean to Pingtan Island!

Pingtan Island is the largest island in Fujian Province, the fifth largest island in China, and one of the most beautiful islands in China. It is also the closest distance between the mainland and Taiwan. 126 islands are dotted here and there, and 702 rocks are distributed among them, known as the "island of a thousand reefs".

It has the appearance of a top island, the strange sea landscape, the dream of "blue tears", the romance of white windmill fields, the beautiful sea sunrise and sunset.


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