"Golden rice" Thrown into the Huangpu River


2021-10-21 17:41:34


Artist Yang Yexin completed a performance art by throwing 1,000 grains of rice made of fine gold into the city's Huangpu River and many other urban corners like trash bins, manholes and grasslands, the Shanghai Observer reported.

Yang said in an interview that he spent 230,000 yuan (US$35,738) to buy 500g gold from an reputable online jewelry dealer and had them made into grain shapes about a month ago. The gold is the exact size of a grain of rice.

Yang's shocking act soon triggered controversy on social media, with many confused netizens condemning it a grandstand and huge waste.

Yang replied on Friday that his act was simply a satire about the waste of food on the 41st World Food Day, Oct 16. He aimed to alert people to the severity of waste, and call for food to be treasured."One can hardly take the act of waste seriously until it is enlarged to an extreme level like this," Yang explained.

Yang said what he created was at spiritual level that can't be measured by money. "The amount of money will be far more valuable if people take the chance to reflect on waste and build up good habits," Yang said.



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