Erez Hyatt | Artistic Light Luxury Style with Log


2021-10-21 17:41:17


The 114-square-metre apartment was designed by designer Erez Hyatt. Relying on its unique design style, the designer perfectly integrates lines and geometric figures into the space through artistic means, creating a unique life experience.

The mass-tone attune of the sitting room is white, omit complex redundant colour, the vision that gives a person brings a kind of simple anacreontic feeling. The tea table with different shape is the nods eyeball place that stylist sitting room designs, gules dermis and gray plush plush sofa, as a bright colour jumps in white sitting room, downy the onefold colour layout of the space.

The restaurant continues the overall style of the living room, uses this unified color matching, adds marble elements at the same time, and improves the exquisite and fashionable atmosphere of the space. The artistic hanging paintings and the beautiful scenery outside the window make the host's dining experience more enjoyable.

Through the renovation and transformation of the designer, the original house with weak daylighting is suddenly refreshed to create a fresh and transparent living space.

The floor to ceiling window design of the living room maximizes the light filling in the indoor space, creates a clear and transparent atmosphere, and lays the tone of fashion and simplicity in the living room.

Indoor art details are essential. The murals on the wall, irregular chandeliers, indoor style and color matching are the designer's overall layout and planning of the space.

Black, white and gray are the main colors of the bedroom, mainly white, supplemented by black. The minimalist and pure expression of life, the designer's unique design concept and understanding of life give the bedroom unique charm and significance.

The gentle log color appears in the bathroom, providing a relaxed and comfortable environment. The unique concrete wall emphasizes the significance of design, matches with the color of logs, and feels richer connotation.

This is Erez Hyatt, a designer from Israel, who serves as the chief designer of the studio. As an outstanding graduate of Israel Architecture Center, his design has won praise from industry pioneers. He is mainly engaged in the renovation and design of old houses, using his professional ability to constantly create unique works for customers.



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